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What To Consider When Choosing Locks

First and most important thing that you need to consider about your property or assets is its security. Be it your house or your office or business, in order to keep it safe and protected you have to choose the right lock. Choosing the right locks depends on several factors. There are many locks of different features and natures. But choosing the right one which is highly secured and provide the best security is very important. Besides all these, you also have to consider certain things. These are –


#1: Security Features
The first and most important thing that you need to consider while buying a lock is its security features. You have to make sure that you are choosing hook locks for your door. These hook locks are considered to be much more secured than that of the other locks. It is 10 times more secured because of the vertical locking bolts that are provided. There are many latest technologies and features coming up to increase the security of any lock. You can look for those locks for a better security of your property. Undoubtedly, when you consider a high security lock you will be highly secured. Mainly these high security locks are used in hotels and offices.

#2: Durability

While you are looking for the best locks, you need to look for the ones that are highly durable. Durability of the locks should be a huge priority. This is an investment that you are doing for your property and you need to make sure that you are investing at the right place. If you are considering digital or electronics lock then make sure they are durable enough. At least, the lock has to be resistant towards the hot and humid weather. It should be resistant to heat of the sun as well as water resistant. The weather is quite hot and humid and thus you need to make sure that you are getting the right lock for your door to tackle the heat as well as the humidity.


#3: Opening Method
There are mainly 3 types of opening methods for any locks for doors. It can be fingerprint locks, Touchscreen and also RFID. The fingerprint lock is considered to be the most secured lock as only the ones whose fingerprints are recorded can open this door. No one else can try to open it. But it is often slow as it may need several tries to open the lock. On the other hand, in this case touch screens are faster. You have to put a password and then enter it every time you want to open the lock. This has a medium security as if anyone who knows the password can enter. Another one is RFID keycards. These are small and do not require much space to fit. This is the fastest way to open the lock but pose a security risk.

#4: Style And Color

When you are buying a lock for your door, you need to be concerned about its color and style as well. This is just because of the elegance and beauty. You need to consider the color of your interior or exterior decors and themes to match the color of the lock. If it does not match with the decor or the color of the door, then it may look a bit odd. So, make sure you are considering the style for sure while buying lock for your door. You can make sure that you are buying a lock which looks smart as well as stylish.

#5: With Or Without Handle

Another confusion that many people face while buying lock for their doors is that whether to buy a lock with handle or without. Door locks which come with handles are considered to be more secured than the ones which do not have a handle. The additional weight of the handle on the deadbolt requires additional strength to break the lock and enter the inside the door. Thus it is considered to be more secured that a conventional lock. The ones which do not have a handle does not have that additional weight and thus it is easier to break the lock and enter.


#6: Price Matters
Yes of course! The price will matter for anything you buy. But make sure that you are compromising on the security features and durability to get a lock at an affordable price. You need to look for a lock which is worth the value you pay. It should be secured and durable yet affordable. So, you need to do a lot of researches and compare prices to find out the best locks which are not only affordable but also have plenty of security features. It also has to be durable enough, as mentioned above. So, before you invest make sure to do proper researches.

#7: Warranty

You need to ensure the lock that you are buying provides a warranty period. It can be 1 year to 5 years. But check the things that are included in the warranty period. This is very important. Go for the brands that provide good warranty period along with features and price. This will help you to save money and even if there is any defect in the lock, the company will repair it.

So, these are the seven most important factors that you need to consider while you are choosing and buying locks. You need to make sure that the important factors like security, durability, warranty etc are there in the lock you are choosing. Also do the price comparison so that you can get the best lock at an affordable price. Besides these, you have to make sure that you are choosing the right way to open the lock based on the security and usability. The main function of the lock is to make sure your door is locked safely and securely. So, you need to choose the lock that fits into this function. This is one of the most important decisions as the security of your whole property depends on this. Thus, make the decision very carefully.



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How to protect your home as well as your family

How to protect your home as well as your family

How to protect your home as well as your family, Your home is where you and your family want to be safe from the daily stresses of life and most definitely from crime. A burglary happens every 15 Minute in this City. Though many intrusions are non confrontational, have you ever asked yourself what if I or my family were home during a burglary? Most Burglaries happen during daytime hours because this is the time many of us are working, going to school, etc.

The typical burglar is looking for anything of value. Rape and/or sexual assault after a break-in happen almost regularly during the summer months when windows and doors are left open and unlocked. If you try to think like a burglar for a minute, the first step in planning a break-in would be to figure out when the home owners are not home. You would watch the daily routine of the homes occupants. The next step would be to figure out how difficult gaining entry to the house would be.

A couple of things comes to mind here; Locked doors and windows, alarm systems, and even surveillance cameras now. Burglars are going to enter your home by walking right thru an unlocked door or open window, using tools to break in or unlock the existing locks, or simply using force to gain entry so let us look the first steps in preventing a burglary. Door and window locks are the homes initial barrier to be overcome by an intruder. Typically the garage and rear doors of the house are the weakest entry points as well as first floor windows on the sides and rear of the home.

protect your home as well as your family

These areas may also provide cover for the burglar. You will want to make sure your locks make it very difficult to gain entry. Use a solid core or metal door for all entry areas, Use a quality, heavy-duty, deadbolt lock with a one-inch throw bolt Use a quality, heavy-duty, knob-in-lock set with a dead-latch mechanism Use a heavy-duty strike plate with 3-inch screws to penetrate into a wooden door frame, use multiple locks for your doors as well. Sliding glass doors have blocking bars that can be inserted in the track to prevent the door from sliding open. You can use pins that slide thru the track as well to prevent sliding or lifting of the door. Windows are often left open during the summer months.

Blocking devices are necessary to keep the window from opening further. A window should not be left open more than six inches or enough to allow a burglar to reach in and unlock or remove blocking device. If an intruder makes it into your home via door, broken window, etc.
We suggest the next step of arming your home via an alarm system that is monitored and dispatched to police upon an alarm or simply by having detection and sound alarm devices to not only scare off an intruder, but also warn anyone who may be home at the time.

Devices such as Door and window sound alarms, motion alarms, vibration alarms, etc. Alarm yard signs and window decals are also a great deterrent, as well as the lighting in and around your home. We suggest using floodlights with motion sensors around the exterior of your home and timers that your lights and appliances plug into and will come on automatically simulating people are home.
You may purchase surveillance cameras to help further deter and/or monitor your homes activities when you are not there. These images can be viewed and recorded onto time lapse recorders or your PC with proper software. You can even watch your home while on vacation thru your laptop computer.
These are the basic steps in preventing home burglary as well as protecting your family. For more information on crime prevention and personal self defense call us at: 226-887-2859

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